uglykids is a user on 2b2t. He joined 2b2t in around January of 2014 with the username 'KEEKO64'. He has been apart of several groups and bases, e.g. The Peacekeepers. He wasn't proud of being a part of them, and he eventually left after only being a member of their group for a couple of hours (kek).

He was a known trusted trader at the nether spawn (0,0) and regularly traded map art.

He fell in love with map art as soon as he got his first map. Sadly, due to kinorana resetting all maps, he eventually burnt his collection and he really had nothing to do at spawn anymore.

He then left spawn for a very, very long time and moved to the world border hoping that one day map art will be entirely fixed and he can finally return to spawn, his home...

During the summer of 2017 he joined the dig to the + x and z corner. After around a week or two he found him self very isolated and bored. He was able to contribute 120 thousand blocks to the tunnel before killing back to spawn.

As of the 15th of October 2017, uglykids has officially quit 2b2t. After being a player for over three years uglykids finally quit 2b2t due to the owner (Hause) being a sellout scumbag who would prefer to loose most of the older players for a bit more cash.