The Rusher Massacre refers to a genocide of TheCampingRusher's fans, as a response by Team Veteran to the swarm of new players that attacked 2b2t as his command. The massacre started on June 9th, 2016 when FitMC made a video murdering Rushers at Spawn. This led to more videos of his killings, such as the 3v40 raid on June 13th, which was a raid led by Fit, Jared2013, and Babbaj against a large Rusher base.

This also led to a lockdown in Spawn, with spawn patrols being led by Veterans (mostly Fit) to hunt for Rushers. This, along with the veterans' removal of resources such as trees and melon farms from the vicinity of spawn, made escaping spawn a near-impossible task, even to other players who weren't involved with the war.

As of October 9th, 2016 Fit declares that there are around 10,400 documented Rusher deaths. This becomes the largest massacre in 2b2t.


The Rusher Massacre was more than a massacre of Rusher fans. Every single nakedfag in spawn was considered a Rusher, no matter their alignment. Of course, to those who were dedicated enough to keep trying until they slipped past the veterans' defenses, and to those who considered themselves allied with the veterans and didn't mind being killed as long as it meant rushers were being killed too, this didn't really matter.