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Emperium Logo

The Emperium Flag
Existed December 1st, 2016 - Present
Status Very Active
Bases 18
Numbers ~50

The Emperium is one of the more prominent groups on the server, rising in power and filling the vacuum left since the fall of the SpawnMasons and Peacekeepers during the summer of 2017. Founded by TheDark_Emperor, The Emperium grew slowly, and carefully selected members. Even in their infancy they turned away people who did not meet their criteria. The symbol of the group is the omega, which can be found in various places around spawn, particularly on some of the highways they rebuilt.


1) Recruit

[Special] Eques

2) Gamma

3) Zeta

4) Delta

[Special] Zerstorer

5) Omega

6) InnerCouncil

7) InnerCircle


Back around December 2016, TheDark_Emperor decided he had had enough of his boring life alone and created The Emperium. Having joined 2b2t post-Rusher, it was a surprise how many people decided to help him build up the group. The group grew fairly quickly after a quality member base was formed. It is one of the largest groups currently on the server. Some of the more notable things The Emperium has achieved is bed trapping MrEmoBunny, leaking his picture, and wiping Visionary off the face of the server through Soviet_Infidel's insiding of 1BitJay and MrEmoBunny.

When the Emperium was first founded, it was mostly only a building group. Several bases were made that are still around today that the Emperium takes much pride in. As time began to progress, however, the Emperiums main focus started to shift from just building, to other things, including trading and deals with groups like Singularity and Team Coca Cola. This involvement with other groups started to get their name out into the faction community.

However, when the Peacekeepers began fighting anyone around spawn during the summer of 2017, the Emperium decided to take its own form of action. Several battles ensued, both sides receiving its own share of victories. The conflict began to die down as the number of active members in the Peacekeepers also died down, and the Emperium largely returned to just building bases (including a large obsidian outpost around 2000 blocks from spawn during when the Spanish youtuber joined) and dealing peacefully with other groups.

The Emperium nowadays has stuck to what has kept it active and successful, building bases with members that it can trust and dealing with other groups when it needs to, this includes major contributions to the creations of the United Group Embassy. The Emperium currently is over a year and a half old.

Build Project: "Empire's Edge"

Back in around October-November of 2017, the Emperium decided that it needed a base to test some of its newly semi-trusted members. The idea started small, and at first only a core 4-5 people were invited. This was to begin the general structure of the base and begin setting up ideas for main builds.

EE 2b

Empire's Edge

EE 2b Ship

Slimestoners Ship.

After a few months, the base began to take a different look and meaning. The small amount of people invited quickly grew to around 10-15, and the base rose in stature and design. Unique builds began to shape the area and each persons individual project marked Empires Edge with their own forms of creativity. The base quickly grew into the largest and most active base in Emperium history, and certainly was the pride of every builder.

However a growing concern was the actual security of the base. Now with about 18 people having been invited and having made a mark on the base, the chances of the base getting leaked grew exponentially.

EE 2b Capitol

The main capitol building, by TheDark_Emperor

Around March of 2018, the base hit its highest amount of activity with over 10 people online and helping build at once, inspiring Emperial members to outdo their base mates and make larger and more impressive builds. Dozens of massive structures rose and dozens more creative and inspiring creations filled in the gaps made by the larger builds. Although there was no theme and generally it looked rather hectic, it showed the creativity and mindsets of each individual builder, and was an inspiration for other members to prove their own worthiness.

This competitive and spirited nature created a solid, core group in the Emperium, building levels of trust and friendship in each member invited.

EE 2b Storage

Storage for builds and duped items

However, such is the nature of 2b2t for a base to eventually get found and griefed. Empire's Edge is no different. On May 17th, 2018, the base was leaked to the reddit and that's where it ended. Emperial members quickly got online and removed the various amounts of equipment and duped items that were there as fast as possible while several other members guarded the highway to the base itself, holding off anyone who may want to attack the base before it was cleared. After this, the base was destroyed, in the only way Emperial members would allow. By the Emperium.

Although it is a shame that the base fell, the spirit of the base and the Emperium as a whole lives on, and more bases will be created that will no doubt be filled with the same level of inspiration and creativity of Empire's Edge, however, it'll no doubt be made more secure then the previous.

EE 2b Arrowhead

"Arrowhead", a recreation of the first Emperium base

Rip Empire's Edge : October 2017 - May 2018

The Slaughter of Visionary

The small group previously known as the Visionary Organization was the first "real" group to directly challenge the Emperium. Their leader, Sinatra, was fond of a discarded Emperium member known as Simplybob. Simplybob was salty over the constant harassing and theft when he interacted with Emperial members so he convinced Sinatra to have a hostile attitude towards the group. After being insulted and kicked from the discord, the Emperial leadership at the time came up with the idea to inside Visionary through various tactics and force them to disband. In about two weeks, coords were obtained and they set out to grief their sub-tier capital. A few days later the second pair of coordinates were obtained and a second base was griefed. After Visionary's constant failure, lack of good leadership, and a few of their own poorly executed insidings, the discord was deleted and everyone gave up. This challenge of authority and position was foolish on the part of Visionary and gave the Emperium a way to show that they were a serious group.

The "Vo-Perium" War

The Vortex Coalition and the Emperium had a history of not getting along very well. Initially they both for the most part just ignored each other, but tensions rose to a much higher level after some deaths at spawn and a few words thrown around caused both sides to begin a full on conflict. On December 21, 2017, VoCo took the first step and declared the "Vo-Perium" war. However there is more history than just two groups not getting along.

On January 23, 2017, a group named "Singularity" was born, spawning after the second Phase of VoCo came to a close. Many members of VoCo had felt that the group they had grown with had become simply a bad meme and split off from it, creating Singularity. After Singularity was formed, they allied with the Emperium (sometime in late February) and brought with them a general disliking towards VoCo. This distaste heightened even further after American Oreo threatened Singularity's leader "HolyBruhBrine" with his dox, forcing him to leave the server. Most of Singularity's members left the disbanded group and fled to the Emperium.

Despite these events, the Emperium still didn't actively try to destroy VoCo. For the most part, they just bought time and continued to gain strength until they could do so.

This changed when Coltsnid and TheDark_Emperor began bad mouthing each other, which quickly resulted in conflict. However, after about a couple weeks, almost nothing had been done. VoCo released videos of the destruction of Emperial bases, though they were crappy and weren't used and Emperium blew up a couple small VoCo outposts, though for the most part nothing had been done. Eventually both sides gave up and decided to end the fighting and created a mutual discord for both groups to talk in and to grow familiar with each other.

Although VoCo and The Emperium aren't necessarily the closest of allies, they've grown closer than before, even sharing a few bases together. The negative history for the most part has been forgotten, and a future of cooperation seems to be in the making.

Foreign Relations

Highland: Highland and the Emperium were almost always on the brink of conflict, however, they are now much more formal enemies.

Astral Order : Loose alliance

The Society : Alliance

The Vortex Coalition : After a short "war", both sides declared peace for the time being. They are now allies.

Unidad: Loose alliance

The Soviets : Loose alliance

Infrared: Emperium betrayed an initial alliance due to the sheer presence of autism, so Infrared has placed it in their own hands to form a bit of a "rebellion".

Spawn Masons: Relations have never been the closest, but cooperation with the 6th Incursion has greatly reduced tensions.

United Group Embassy: The Emperium is directly responsible for the creation of the U.G.E.

Members (As of 7/4/18)

  • TheDark_Emperor (Leader)
  • Rootbeerguy1212(co-founder)
  • Ericudo (3rd In command, Inner Council)
  • Soviet_Infidel (Inner Council)
  • FallsGreen (Inner Council)
  • furleoxnop (Inner Council)
  • Glow (Inner Council)
  • HolyBruhBrine (Delta)
  • millercm4 (Delta)
  • Dom2789 (Delta)
  • Niftyrobo (Delta)
  • AkenoTheSadist (Delta)
  • blackcooper (Delta)
  • Flick3r (Delta)
  • ThejumpyBlazeftw/Xdolf (Delta)
  • Massive Russian (Delta)
  • MortAmos (Delta)
  • Porotin (Delta)
  • SoloPlayer88 (Delta)
  • Crippeling (Zeta)
  • Kervo (Zeta)
  • Sh0t (Zeta)
  • Shrules (Zeta)
  • policemike55 (Zeta)
  • jordanl666 (Zeta)
  • Virl (Zeta)
  • Pigpuncher638 (Zeta)
  • YanpolCFT09 (Gamma)
  • 0r (Gamma)
  • 2b2tplayer (Gamma)
  • Jumpinqq (Gamma)
  • Nekramite (Gamma)
  • Phi (Gamma)
  • Megaman_ (Gamma)
  • Rooster548 (Gamma)
  • Cyframe (Gamma)
  • Pope Viper (Eques)
  • BestInLuck (Eques)
  • SamPlays (Eques)
  • ImmortalYogurt (Recruit)
  • Wwwheatly (Recruit)
  • Durdi (Recruit)
  • ADifferentPerson (Recruit)
  • AlonelyNugget (Recruit)
  • Koragus (Recruit)

And several other recruits