The Drain was the base of Offtopia and willyroof which was constructed during the waning days of the Rusher War. Offtopia based with high ranking members of Team Aurora who helped with the construction. The base was toured by FitMC on October 22nd, 2016, without Offtopia's permission. He was able to find it by using the bedrock exploit of late 2016, which had been used to find the location of his Fitlantis base beforehand. After Fit's video, Offtopia declared that the base was compromised and it was the end. Fit then made a video explaining that he would not reveal the coordinates. However, Offtopia knew Fit had used the bedrock exploit and that it was only a matter of time before it leaked and someone else used Fit's video to locate the base. Eventually the 4th Reich found the base, due to Fit "accidentally" publishing the coords in his "Fitlantis" World Download, and they griefed it. The base can be downloaded here (It says fitlantis download, but you spawn at the drain)
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