Squidtown, also known as Passietown, was a 2011 base inhabited by several famous players and a squid statue. It was griefed by luke2thebun in late December of 2011. 


Passie Town was founded by passie05 during the Forum Massacre Period. The base went on to boast many castles and the iconic Blooper. The base also had a spot where Facepunch Republic members had meetings. It is unknown when, but Popbob went on to join the base and built a large dome, in which he would build several others and would later become iconic. Popbob also used his backdoor abilities, such as adding a pig spawner.

The base was later griefed by Luke2thebun and tytoowns281, both 4channers, who attacked the Facepunch base. This grief was the one that caused popbob to become a loner and cause his major backdoor and reign of terror.

5 years later the base was later leaked to the public by PandaSauce during the events of the Rusher War. The base has seen more destruction, and even popbob's dome was griefed.



  • During 2011/2012, 50k from spawn was considered very far, making this base the farthest base from spawn during its time.
  • Originally, it was never called Passie Town and just Squid Base, or SquidPolice Town.
  • The dome popbob made at the base was built completely by hand, without world-edit.