"If there were gods in 2b2t, this is where they would live." -Fit July 22, 2016


Space Valkyria was built by a player named JackTheRippa, and was the biggest End bases in all of 2b2t history. Space Valkyria was built thousands of blocks out so no one would find it. One of the main reasons why this build was possible, was because Jacktherippa had several infinites; rare glitched blocks which were able to be placed more than once. As the base progressed and expanded, jacktherippa started to invite more players to his base. Along with the base, Jacktherippa would collect and store player heads at Space Valkyria, essentially starting the first museum on 2b2t.

Once the update 1.9 was released, c1yd3i and jared2013, betrayed jacktherippa, and withered the base[1]. The two griefers, using iTristan's backdoor access, teleported to Space Valk almost instantly and created an ender portal back to the overworld. Almost all of Space Valkyria was destroyed beyond repair, and it still remains in that condition to this day. The only known person who had found Space Valkyria, other than people invited, before the grief was Fit[2] on accident in 2015. After he took a look around he continued his journey into the End for his own project, the DFC. Despite Space Valkyria being in ruins, the legacy of the build will live on. Space Valkyria has also recently been confirmed to be in the upcoming "Project Vault". The 4th Reich also payed a visit to Space Valkyria and griefed its remains as much as they could[3]. Jacktherippa also gave out a world download for the general public in Fit's short cinematic video on Space Valkyria.


This base contained many floors, which all served a specific purpose. It consisted of several beacons hanging from the ceiling as a light source, instead of using more traditional ways.


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