Timeline of 2b2t

<--- Age of Hype

---> Unification Period

The Grand Retard Period, also referred to as the Post-Hype Period or Grand Deceleration Period by some players was a period on 2b2t. It started with 2017, and the slow decline of activity on the server after the drastic effects of the Rusher War and the Age of Hype. It is named such for the amount of retarded memes and autistic shitposting in the era.

The "Disbandment" of The Vortex Coalition

In January of 2017, The Vortex Coalition started getting banned unfairly by the mods in the /r/2b2t Subreddit, who were using rule 4 as an excuse to remove any Vortex Coalition related post. This caused some controversy, however many were glad to see the subreddit cleared of VoCo members.

Coltsnid decided that since VoCo had lost the 2b2t subreddit as a meme platform, he needed to push the memes to the next level. He began to call himself a god, and VoCo members that accepted him as their Lord and savior were accepted into his group of disciples. While many thought this was funny, some were not happy with this change of pace, and this caused controversy within the group. Some members who outright denounced Coltsnid were banned.

Around this time, one of the group's executives, HermeticLock, who was responsible for running the website, decided to change the home page to a meme displaying the Don Fuer logo, which further escalated the tensions within the group, despite it mostly being a joke. On January 13th, 2017, this controversy drove executive member Sengorn_Leopard to the point of banning all users from the discord. When Coltsnid became aware of this, he deleted the discord server and posted an "official" disbandment on /r/2b2t. This post gained a lot of attention and once again the focus of /r/2b2t was The Vortex Coalition.

Before going inactive for the next several months, Coltsnid had a few more memes up his sleeve, such as "VoCo II" and "selling" the server to "RockyEric" and HermeticLock. VoCo operates in yearly phases, and Phase II was to go out with a meme-filled bang.

With VoCo being one of the largest groups on 2b2t, going inactive caused a significant power vacuum on the server, allowing several other groups to rise and fill the void the meantime. Some of these groups were created by former VoCo members, notably Singularity and the Spawnmasons.

The Disbandment of The 4th Reich

In February of 2017, the members of the 4th Reich leaked Tim_McNukepants' dupe stashes and his belongings, calling and convincing the other members that Tim_McNukepants is a "dumb, jewish sack of shit". This caused Tim to delete the 4th Reich discord, and the 4th Reich itself. The fall of the 4th Reich also marked the end of the Factions period of 2b2t.

+X Highway Digging Group

The +x Nether dig group was a movement formed by Byrnsy in December of 2016, with the intents of finishing the Nether Highways. In February, the group became large, reaching over 15 members. This also sparked the popularity of the +X Highway.

Reaching the World Border

On 26 March, several members of the group reached the end of the +X Highway and finally reached X: +30,000,000. The signs left behind by pyrobyte and iTristan when they had been able to reach the world border through a backdoor were seen again for the first time in years.

Hermeticlock's Spawn Base

HermeticLock's Spawn Base is a simple spawn base created around 3,000 from spawn. He spread word of his spawn base to everyone, leading to a group of players joining him. A group of players also wanted to destroy the spawn base, leading to a huge war on February 9, 2017, possibly the 3rd Largest Battle in 2b2t History (or the Fitlantis battle, has more players).

2b2t Logo Rebranded

On February 23rd, 2017, the 2b2t logo was rebranded from the red and blue theme to a logo that resembles 2fast2furious, a 2003 American film and the second film of The Fast and Furious franchise. This was met with heavy criticism on the subreddit, leading to Hausemaster claiming that the server was always named after 2fast2furious.

Kinorana Map Crisis

A few days after the 2b2t logo being rebranded, all the maps were hacked by 2b2t trader Kinorana. It was supposedly a prank, giving Hause a heads up before attempting the exploit. This was met with heavy hate from the community, causing massive riots in chat in the form of deathspamming words such as "KINO IS A RETARD", "HAUSE PEICE OF A SHIT FIX MAPS", "FIX MAPS HAUSE", "SEND KINO TO ISIS". Eventually, Kino reset all maps, however the old maps cannot come back and Hause refused to load the backup map files.

Donkey Dupe

The Donkey Dupe was a duplication exploit found in March 2017 that was even larger than the 11/11 Dupe. It is a simple dupe exploit involving breeding donkeys and teleporting them to the Nether. It remains one of the largest dupes in 2b2t History. It only lasted for three days but was the most overpowered dupe. It was also the most memed dupe.

The fr1kin Machine Crisis

The fr1kin Machine Crisis was a crisis in 2b2t that would, according to Fit, be able to crash the server. The server began experiencing enormous amounts of lag during late of March 2017, far worse even than the lagdrops during the Rusher War. It was theorised that fr1kin was using a superposition glitch to load massive amounts of chunks, causing the server memory to overflow. Torogadude later discovered the lag wasn't caused by chunks loading, but instead by the server dividing the player's position by 8 until it either crashed or restarted.

A video by Fit was uploaded entitled "THE END OF 2B2T ?" where he explains the fr1kin crisis. This caused the Subreddit to be flooded with doomsday clock shitposts.

April Fools 2017

During 4/1/17, the regular 2b2t map was replaced temporarily with a new map that would later reset. In this Tempmap, mobs would drop valuable items when killed (such as totems of undying, spawn eggs, etc). The Tempmap also had a chat filter, changing a lot of words into "Old English" and some old school 2b2t memes like "Spilled goddamn nutmeg all over me".

The world download of the April fools map can be downloaded here

"Apocalypse Exploit" patched

On April the 9th, the Apocalypse Exploit was patched due to /kill being disabled. Because of this event, it calmed the titties of everyone.

AAC Plug-in

On April 25th, 2017, Hausemaster decided to add a plugin that would enable elytras on the server. The plugin being AAC (or Autistic Anti-cheat to some). It's been reported that on that same day, over 90 people were kicked from the server, even to the ones that didn't hack.

Temporary Removal And Re-Add

Hause temporarily removed AAC, possibly due to complaints that were server wide about the large issues (however, knowing Hause, this has a low chance of being the case). NCP was re-instated for a short period until early May when Hause re-added AAC (possibly a new update) and drastically reduced the issues seen by players. While there is still hate, it has been relatively dying down over the months and players have generally accepted it currently.

June 1st Rumors

The June 1st Rumors (mostly shitposts) were the tumors that plagued the subreddit. They speculated that there would be an apocalypse on 2b when TheCampingRusher rejoined, or some other big youtuber joined. Other rumors speculated that when Antvenom makes his video on anarchy servers, the amount of players joining won't be like when rusher joined. The people that thought that 2b wouldn't be flooded with players also told people to calm down.

June 1st, 2017

June 1st marked the first anniversary of the Rusher War. The subreddit and other forms of 2b2t media have been filled with memories, shitposts, and memes. Rusher, as many people were worried about, did not show his face on the server (as of yet) and hasn't made a single remark to 2b2t on June 1st.

VoCo Phase III

On June 2nd, 2017, The Vortex Coalition reformed and began recruiting new members. With 2b2t falling into decline, activity in The Vortex Coalition will likely reach the levels it had during the Rusher Era. Despite this, their discord server is one of the most populated 2b2t related servers with over 140 members (purged of inactive members monthly).

Salamander, Joe(ovnel), Cyan, and househousehouse1, remain as the executive members.

In Phase III, The Vortex Coalition built 5 separate group bases, two of which were major bases sprawling across thousands of blocks. One being a large above-ground city, another being a large underground cave housing a dwarven fortess. They have also renovated their 420/911 spawnbase for 2017, although it has already been griefed heavily.

First Battle of Summer, 2017

On June, 4th, 2017 the Spawn Masons encountered several Peacekeepers near spawn. The encounter started when the Peacekeepers managed to jump Torogadude. It eventually turned into a large fight when Fit and many more masons showed up to fight PK. The fight was interrupted by the server restarting.

Both sides claimed victory in this conflict, making it uncertain as to who won. The Peacekeepers say that since the Spawn Masons retreated that the victory was theirs, while the Spawn Masons main goal was to save Toro and once they did, they felt no need to risk a fight and waste gear.

+Z Axis Highway Completed

On June 9th, 2017, the +Z Axis Highway was completed by the +Z Digging Group and reached Z: +30,000,000.

1.12 Update (Large Improvements to Server)

Normally, when 2b2t updates to the latest version of Minecraft, not much happens to the server other than regular maintenance and bug/exploit/glitch fixes and the regular update periods. However, a post on the 2b2t subreddit, posted on June 13th, 2017 by the 2builders2tools admin account, announced several new changes to the server, such as new chat plugins, new improvements to the queue system, and new server changes overall. According to the post, the 1.12 update would be postponed a couple weeks for 2b2t due to large changes.

Reddit Post:

Return of Kinorana's 32K Weapons

On June 17th, 2017, Kinorana and a few members of the Spawn Masons headed to spawn and all had 32K weapons. It was rumored that most of these weapons were disabled by Hause, with a few escaping and being simply mythical. However, it appeared that Kino and his buddies were armed to the teeth with these deadly one shot weapons. The method in which they acquired these weapons is unknown. Fit and AlphaComputer made a video in which they went around spawn killing withers and airborne peacekeepers with a pair of 32K swords. Once the existence of these new 32k weapons went public, Hause removed overpowered enchantments once again, but since it apparently didn't work the first time, some of them may still exist or come into existence in the future.

Server Crash Crisis

Somewhere around 23rd of June 2017 an unknown player or group started lagging the server to an extreme degree. The server was constantly at 2 TPS or lower. After some time, the lag got so bad the server started to crash, to the point where the delay between the server restarting and crashing again was lesser than one minute, making it entirely unplayable. During these brief moments between restarting and crashing, lots of commotion was seen in chat, with it being the only function other than walking that a player could do. The restarts also caused a queue glitch, when if the player joined within the first 10 seconds after the restart, they would be stuck on position number 0 in the queue until they eater logged out or got disconnected.

The glitch was similar to the negative stack size glitch in Minecraft, the same one that allowed the existence of "infinites". The crisis ended when Hausemaster removed the lag machine(s) that were causing it (it's not confirmed, but it's also the most likely of all the options). The crisis was likely caused by 2F4U leaking the exploit in PandaWire that allowed to create extreme lag very easily as well as the way to permanently load chunks without connecting them to the world spawn being discovered by a YouTuber called gnembon_mc .

The players and groups that were suspected of causing the crisis are:

Return of The World's Famous Spawn Base

On June, 29th, 2017, HermeticLock announced the "second season" of hanging around at his spawnbase.

2nd Server Crash Crisis


During the 6th of July, 2017 an event similar to the first Server Crash Crisis happened when the TPS was lowered to less than 1 (In fact, it reached all the way down to 0.35). This lag made 2b2t unplayable, and the server was crashed at least 3 times. During that day, the server player rate was lowered drastically, and at some point, only 20 players were online at the same time. Chat was spammed constantly and the lag lasted for the whole day, to the point of where even the chat was laggy and glitchy. Many people believe that the intense lag was caused by artisitc lagppls such as Armorsmith and/or VoCo, and that Hausemaster failed to remove all of the Lag Machines from the previous Server Crash Crisis. After the final crashes and resets, Hausemaster closed the server down for maintenance for a whole day. He did this to prepare the server for the upcoming 1.12 update and also for fixing the problems that were made during this day. Hause later stated on a reddit post that he will fix the Lag Machine issue on later updates.

Other Crashes and Lag Issues, Lag Era?

Since the Second Crash Crisis, the server has seen even more events of pure lag that caused the server to


be unplayable and sometimes even crash. Player rate was also very low and sometimes reached to only 15 players online a time. Many Reddit threads were called to ban the autist lagfags who make this lag. Many have started to give up on this topic, nothing was done against the issue when the server was down for maintenance. It's unclear who causes the lag, most of the people believed it was either househousehouse1 or Armorsmith, but it's clear that whoever causes that lag, he harms the server badly. Because of autist lagfags, the server population might decrease even more. There's nothing a regular player can do but to hope that Lag Machines will be fixed when the 1.12 update comes out. Server population decreased to 13 players online a time. That's an even worse statistic than the 2nd Server Crash Crisis.

Armorsmith announced on a reddit post that his Lag Machine is strong enough to lower the TPS down to a point of where the server will crash. He said in his post that he will use an MC Leaks Alt to stand near the so called "Carolina Lag Machine", causing it to work constantly and lag the server all the time. Many people believe it's not true, although at the past he already proved his abilities. Besides Armorsmith, many lagfags such as members of The Vortex Coalition and househousehouse1 have also claimed to have the ability to crash the server. Many people hope that HauseMaster will fix the issue at some point. The server was seeing less players in the days leading up to the 1.12 Temporary Map.

The TPS reached 0.25 and only 3 "Normal" players were online and 2 autist lagfags.

1.12 Temporary Map

As a means to test out new plugins on the server, Hausemaster created a temporary map on July 8th, 2017 that lasted a week, in preparation of the server's update to 1.12. The map was limited to a 8000x8000 area with no strongholds and higher than usual ore spawning rates. For the first two days it was constantly thunderstorming. Many groups were competing to be the "top dog" on the map. On July 22nd the server returned to the original old map.

Disbandment of the Spawn Masons

Hermeticlock announced on reddit that the Spawn Masons were disbanded. This decision followed several months of infighting and many players leaving, both due to Fit's griefing of Summermelon, and due to waning interest in spawnmason activites.

Back to NCP

The server's anticheat went back to NCP for the 234085430th time this year. Elytra has been disabled on most clients but Jesus now works as long as you use the type that bypasses NCP

Battle of the Southern Canal

A medium battle occurred at the Southern Canal on August 19th, 2017. After a major grief on the Canal by HouseHouseHouse1, MiningMinecraft and his friends, TheresaMay, Aurumion, Hammernaut, and TwinkleTard, D3R6 headed out to repair some of the damage. Eventually, the group were ambushed by Jared2013, TheColdOneJC, Salamander27, and SmashAxe. The battle resulted with Jared2013 and Salamander being killed, TheColdOne and Hammernaut logging, and SmashAxe, D3R6, and TwinkleTard fleeing.

Spanish Crisis

On September 15th, 2017, ElRichMC, a Spanish Youtuber, made a youtube video on 2b2t, with a title that translated to "The Most Violent and Old Server in Minecraft" (pretty much still following the clickbait title that Rusher made long ago). This brought a small influx of Spanish speaking people to the server (Roughly 100-200 people based on the queue). This event caused some uproar around the community with some people thinking this might turn into a major crisis and instigate another war, and with others thinking it'd fizzle down like the similar French Crisis. It was just another moment of waiting and seeing. In the end, it was apparent that no new major influx of players would occur, and life on 2b2t would continue as it had.

According to ElRichMC, he stated on reddit that he would continue his series if he reached a certain amount of likes and views (250,000 views). This goal was passed, but no new videos (relating to 2b2t) are present on ElRichMC's channel.


In the description of ElRich's video its states "A SERVER OF 7 YEARS... What could possibly go wrong?", as if he may have known about previous invasions.


The player influx during the spanish crisis, compared to the Rusher War

ElRichMC states that "Every pro knows that 2 apples can get you anywhere" for the reason why he was sprinting and jumping in his video. As anyone who has played 2b2t and has half a brain knows, 2 non-golden apples can hardly get you anywhere at all, especially when you're at spawn. This statement was heavily mocked on the 2b2t subreddit for obvious reasons.