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Existed ~November, 2016 - Early 2018
Status Inactive
Bases ~5 (Celestia)
Numbers 12

A PvP group founded by ImmortalYogurt and RobMaster21 with a few bases and a few members. Their most notable base was Celestia but it has been griefed. They used to fight a lot at spawn and have a ranking system; (leader, member, trusted member, and recruit). They are somewhat of a sub-group to the peacekeepers, (a secession happened due to an inside)


Peacekeepers - Tight alliance

Singularity - Allied

The Emperium - Neutral

The Spawn Masons - Enemies

The Vortex Coalition - Neutral

Notable Members

  • ImmortalYogurt (Leader)
  • RobMaster (Leader)
  • HeyItzAze
  • IHackedWalmart
  • Tavux
  • Coleb100
  • AlphaCentauri
  • Chrissi
  • Diagoporotin
  • Beschadigt
  • Kohiii
  • Dark_Annihilator
  • SelfFish
  • DjSquishy3241
  • iKillPing
  • UpriseGamingYT
  • Zltb