Tyroneispopbob2b2t This page might contain autism. You may want to avoid it.

"Hausemaster, want to build a base together? Hausemaster. Hause, Hause... Hause..."

Lifeisgood72 was a player that joined in May 2016 as a result of the Vice article. It all started when he was viewing /r/minecraft. He found a post that linked to the Vice article about 2b2t. He played on the server for 5 minutes but then left because it was a laggy piece of shit(still is)

After the rusher invasion, he rediscovered the server, however was unable to play due to the queue. When they introduced the oldfag queue, the gates had been unleashed.

Lifeisgood72's first action on the server was heading to the Valley of Wheat . He mined a shitton of wheat without replanting, then headed for overworld travel. He decided to travel across the diagonals and head to 100k 100k. Along the way, he found Beefytown , griefed it (shittly, as he had not enough time) and then continued on. When he headed to 100k 100k, he made the World Trade Center recreation.

Lifeisgood72 is now known as one of the most notorious players on the server, griefing every single standing build until his is the last standing. He even surpassed popbob on the epic scale. He is now considered one of the top 2b2t legends of all time, and will be remembered by 2b2t historians for decades on end.