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Timeline of 2b2t

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The Legion Gape Interlude is a section of history on 2b2t. This Era started when Valk members went to do solo projects and joined other small groups after the destruction of Asgard. Meanwhile, the The Legion of Shenandoah was gaining more power.

Notable Events

  • After the Asgard failure, most Valk members went into solo goals or joined minor groups and initiatives, such as Gape 1, Gape 2 and Judge's Oldcity project.
  • The Legion of Shenandoah became stronger in numbers and more known at this period as well.
  • 2k2k, one of the oldest bases of 2b2t was then destroyed following the destruction of NFE months before.
  • A griefer, known as Dyceley, griefed many famous bases. He helped wither down NFE, 2k2k, and utterly destroyed Plugin Town.