CurtPvP, or Curtis, is a small youtuber who is friends with TheCampingRusher and owns Rusher's factions server, The Archon, and was one of his comrades during the Rusher War. Curtis is a poorfag who's life consists of praising eminem for his rap music. He is also known to be somewhat of an admin of 2b2t due to events during the Rusher War.


Rise to "Administrator"

Since Curt is friends with Rusher in real life, he was obviously a part of Team Rusher during the Rusher War. However, Rusher gave him a special role during the war to essentially be a sort of ambassador to HauseMaster. During the war, Rusher suggested to Hause a much better queue system than the much earlier one implemented early June, 2016. Curt was given the responsibility by Rusher to be in charge of 2b's current queue system when Hause gave permission to Rusher to implement it. He continues to be in charge of the queue system to this day.


Curtis and his powers over the server has been criticized and theorized by many players on 2b2t. Many people believe that Curtis is abusing his status, with many having screenshots of conversations (twitter most often) of him threatening to ban or kick them. It is also speculated that he has /op on the real 2b2t server (the queue server is different and owned by Rusher) which may be why Rusher and his fags were geared so quickly. Curtis was semi responsible for #FreeToro, one of the last respectful things Fit has done. Rusher ordered Curtis to remove Torogadude from the Vet Queue because he was effective in opposing rusher's Narrative.

It has also been speculated that Curtis owns the 2builders2tools admin on the 2b2t subreddit.