0xymoron is a player on 2b2t. He is a well known merchant of artifacts and is a small 2b2t youtuber.


0xymoron's early history is unknown.

0xymoron has recently revealed the coordinates of the 4th Reich's base in which caused the 4th Reich to retaliate and destroy one of his museums.

Role on 2b2t

0xymoron is a lover of 2b2t history, as he has made many museums at several bases and has one of the most impressive artifact collection on the server. 0xymoron is also a small 2b2t youtuber, as he has several livestreams of him exploring and visiting monuments on the sever. He is also a well-known merchant in the field of artifacts and other things. He also owns the website where people can submit coordinates to old bases / things they found. Despite his love for history, 0xymoron is still a dangerous person to mess with.. He has also griefed many bases, like the Castle of Shenandoah and Rhadamantis.